Saturday, June 7, 2008

LaBeouf Connection

Last summer we all watched in a purely adrenaline fueled fascination as Sam Witwicky was caught in the middle of an intergalactic civil war fought in an American downtown setting filled only with beautiful people. In order to protect the All-Spark, or the Cosmic Cube of Elohim, Sam runs to the roof tops with a lit flare in tow and the cube at his side. Sam holds the Magician's pose in order to flag down a friendly neighborhood helicopter. While his magick fails to save his propeller-propelled compatriots, Sam does succeed in saving the world and his Autobuddies from ultimate destruction.
But Transformers did more than not satisfy moviegoers everywhere, it set up the cinematic masterminds to use Shia LaBeouf as a connect-the-dots pattern to find the mysterious symbolism found in both his films and in particular his roles. This article intends to not only point out the dots of this puzzle but connect them to reveal an image that could help decipher the 9/11 mystery.

The bumblebee is often a symbol for secret wisdom, and in the case of Sam Witwicky's favorite Autobot, Bumblebee is a messenger between worlds. Bumblebee is the first of the Autobots to come to Earth and quickly befriends and protects Sam from the dangers of the Decepticons. It is important to remember that in the building of trust between Sam and Bumblebee that the yellow and black striped transforming Camaro says that he is from the heavens. He does NOT say space. It is only through human mistranslation that this assumption is made.
It is also important to note that it is Bumblebee who harnesses the All-Spark into a smaller, more compatible version of itself and insures that it is Sam (Shia) who is entrusted with it after Bumblebee is injured. This is important because as the messenger between worlds and the one who holds secret wisdom, Bumblebee's inability to properly speak through out the film doesn't stop him from showing the audience that Shia is the one who has the magic and will know what to do with Elohim's Matrix Cube.
We now move ahead a year, to the release of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. So ya ya ya, we get why Shia's name is Mutt in the movie. Good one George, nice and subtle. But the Son of Indy takes on another role, the role of Horus. Horus, the Sky God, the distant one, the Conqueror of Set.

In my co-written article Indiana Jones: The Beginning and the End (written with The Wrong Way Wiz), we mention that Indy's putting back of the Crystal Skull on its skeleton is a ripple in the Osiris myth.But it also places Dr. Jones in the Osiris role. Similar to the way that Osiris is tricked into getting into a sarcophagus on the Nile River, so too is Indy fooled by the appearance of Doom-Town, and he quickly finds himself hiding in a lead-lined refrigerator/coffin in order to escape 'Ike''s nuclear blast. This is important to LaBeouf's characterization of Horus because as legend has it, Osiris is Horus' father.

During the jungle chase and exciting incidents including man-eating ants, high-risen cliffs and monkeys who love The Beef, Mutt finds himself in a sword duel with Cate Blanchett, or should we say BlanSET. While dear, old dad is busy doing the driving and beating up of gigantic Soviet assholes, Indy Jr. not only manages to take the Crystal Skull (or all knowing box a.k.a. Cosmic Cube) away from Set, Horus also ends up with a scar directly under one of his eyes, very similar to the way Horus loses his eye in his battle with Set in Egyptian mythology. It is important to note that this chase sequence ends with our heroes traveling downstream and down(water)falls, reflecting again the Osiris myth.
The All-Seeing Eye of Horus

In Trinity on all fours, aferrismoon notes that BlanSet, while attempting to extract Indy's thoughts, points to the location of the Third Eye. She gives up almost immediately, but she wouldn't have found anything anyways, for two reasons:

1. Indy actually doesn't have a clue what's going on


2. Indy isn't the one with the Third Eye, it's his charming son Horus who was bestowed with this gift.
"You're a hard man to read Dr. Jones" You're tellin' me sister.

Jake Kotze, whose recent fascinating articles on Will Smith and his association with what can be called the 9/11 Mega-ritual, pointed out in his Gemini article some interesting tidbits about Smith's upcoming film Hancock. Most notably is that a superhero is not at all dissimilar from being a modern day god, which in turn would make Hancock related to the Horus of yore. In the picture below, note that Hancock's hat has an Eagle image in the Third Eye location.
The Eagle, a hunting bird, is not entirely nay significantly diverse from another bird of prey: the Falcon, a.k.a. Horus, the Sky God (An interesting side piece, the Eagle is often used as a symbol for the Christian God as well). The shape of the eagle is also associated with Scorpio (as Kotze points out) and points out to the Galactic Center, or Stargate resonator. And while that's all fine and dandy for Kotze's Will 2K connect-the-dots, how does it fit into LaBeouf Connection? The answer is in the eyes.

Exhibit A - Hancock's sunglasses; they are an odd looking piece of facial apparel. Reflecting off of them is a Manhattan skyline with a glorious sunrise, representing the awakening of the Stargate or the bright piercing of the heavenly seal. But perhaps more significantly to this argument, the glasses resemble strongly the eyes of the Crystal Skull of Akator found on the Indy 4 poster, as well as making Hancock's head look like Aleister Crowley's pen pal Lam.

Exhibit B - Both Hancock and Mutt Williams play the Horus figure in their respective summer blockbusters. The eagle on Hancock's hat and the scar under the eye of Shia represent the Eye of Horus. The eagle is also strongly associated with Scorpio, and LaBeouf is stung and consequently crawled on by scorpions. To an unsuspecting viewer, this short scene ends as quickly as it begins, seemingly insignificant. It of course isn't. This is a direct clue into the true nature behind the characters of The Beefy One.

Exhibit C - Kotze's revelations of Will 2K's associations with the 9/11 incident, paying particular attention to the twin towers of today's letter: H, and the piercing of the sky by Sam Witwicky's flare in Transformers are both indirect images of Isis, piercing the sky with her crown/sword.
Exhibit D - On September 26, Shia's new movie Eagle Eye will be released.
Eagle Eye

Time to draw a few connecting lines. My good friend Wrong Way's latest piece The God That Ate Manhattan made outstanding insights into the 9/11 consciousness magnifying ritual through a focused attention to ENERGY via ORANGES. He was also the one who pointed out that Indiana Jones = MAN with HAT ON = Manhattan. Now a combination of both MANHATTAN + ENERGY naturally brings to mind the 9/11 incident. But while that event was both horrific and devastating, the second combination of ORANGE + INDIANA JONES will be the raising of the Freedom Tower with its bright light shining high in the sky, which is surely to be illuminating and wondrous. A sunburst exactly like the one in Hancock's sunglasses.

In the opening chase sequence of Indy 4, before he makes his escape Dr. Jones is asked if he has any defiant last words. He says, "I Like Ike," referring of course to President Dwight "Ike" Eisenhower. Returning to the refrigerated sarcophagus Indy finds himself in, the bomb that causes his trouble has that same phrase painted across it. Indy's line reveals to us the burst of ENERGY in MANHATTAN as Indy himself finds himself completely encompassed by the blow of "I Like Ike."
Thanks to aferrismoon for the availability of this picture

And before we even saw him as the Son of Manhattan, Shia LaBeouf was taking the form of the ENERGY by raising his flare sky high in Transformers. As he looks down from his perch in the heavens, the Falcon God Horus can see the true meaning behind the Nazca crop circles. It is important to remember here that Bumblebee said he was from the heavens AND that Indiana Jones and Professor Oxley mention that the crop circles can only be read from "up there" and that the aliens did not go to space, but "to the space between spaces."

While looking up to the heavens ourselves in anticipation of the 2012 event, we can finally finish our connect-the-dots puzzle. The constellations take their place as the dots to our connect-the-...

For starters, there's Dorado, which can be translated to mean Goldfish or Swordfish. Now, another name for Akator is El Dorado, the City of Gold. This is significant because it is Shia who enlists the help of Indy in search of this city. Remember that Gold can relate to Crown which can be retranslated to Sword which all refer to Isis.

Next we have Orion. Orion is referred to or thought of as The Great Hunter. Indiana Jones could be thought of as a hunter as he "hunts" for important artifacts, and Orion is not dissimilar from Osiris. Orion is also bordered by Kotze's Gemini.
And lastly, and perhaps most importantly, Scorpius. Scorpions stung Horus on the hand, and Indy/Osiris/Orion is the one who says that if a big one stings you it's no big deal but if a little one gets you, "don't keep it to yourself." Indy says this because in legend Scorpius is the beast that finally killed The Great Hunter Orion. Scorpius is a reference to Cate BlanSET.

If you've read Indiana Jones: The Beginning and the End than you will remember the resonating theme of resurrection. Remember as well that it was Set who killed Osiris and Horus who killed Set in revenge. Indy finds himself in the middle of the Doom-Town excitement because of BlanSet a.ka. Scorpius, and has to be "resurrected." But when the scorpion stings Horus, he only gets a scratch under the EYE and vanquishes his foe in the end when he gets away with the Crystal Skull during the Jungle Chase.
The resurrection of The Great Hunter Orion

And our finished picture is... the bird! The champion Horus, father to the pharoahs and thus to us all, the Conqueror of Set... ABRAXAS. The chicken just idly waiting for that damn egg to break, and to open that Stargate at last.

LaBeouf taking on the roles of both Isis in Transformers and Horus in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is the real connection! It's revealing and entertaining persona is in fact a riddle riddled with the anticipation of that fateful day, when the Chosen One will reveal himself to us all.

And so I ask... are you watching closely?


mark leclair said...

Nice One Jonah!

A really good read with good insight. I totally missed that Shia had been injured near the eye.

Have you been back to see it again, you sneak!?

A quick correction. The city reflected in Hancock's specs is actually L.A.

Peace Dude.

Your Bud

U. Funkle

The Sister's Son said...

L.A. eh? Fair enough, but then its the City of Angels and I think there's a fair connection between the realm of angels and the heavenly realm.

I have been back to see it again.. make that numero 4.

Thanks U.M.


Terry said...

beautiful post.great stuff. i got lebeouf material around and this it lol.

check out these relating posts

Michael said...

Great post. I recall in 'Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" that Indiana's father (played by Sean Connery) told him that he was named after the family dog, which tells me that Indy was Horus to Connery's Osiris in this earlier story.

The Sister's Son said...

Terry - the connections between your I-Robot post and this post are extreme! Thanks for bringing me to it!

Michael - Good call on the connection between the dog and Indy, I think you definitely hit on what they were going for, I didn't even think of it. In fact, you could even say that Sean Connery's character is the hunter of the story just like Osiris, as it is he who actually does all of the research and is the one who has the true desire for the grail. I'm actually working on an article connecting 'Last Crusade' to other Harrison flicks as well as John Wayne and others involving Da Vinci's Code.

aferrismoon said...

Will have to read this more slowly, have skimmed so far.
For reference: I put the BOMB/BOTTLE/GENIE FLASK in due to influence from James Shelby Downard's CALL TO CHAOS which has been included in Apocolypse Culture [ by Adam Parfrey]
There seem to be vague overlaps twixt that and the Indy film
ISIS had 7 Scorpion helpers, apparently 'good' . they bit Horus' as Mummy-Isis got a bit annoyed at him slaughtering Set. Horus then decapitated her, felt a bit bad then attached a cow's head to her.
The kin of dysfunctiolanism we have come to expect from god's family

Thinking about Harrison Ford, he's Henry 'Indiana' Jones and then there's Henry Ford


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