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Indiana Jones: The Beginning and the End

"I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last."
- Revelation 22: 13

In almost every religion or belief system is the promise that we will live again. Scratch that. Every religion. The origin of the religious interests of all peoples is at the heart of the adventurous spirit of Indiana Jones. Our investigation follows Indy step by step through his latest escapade in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Let's start where every story starts - the setting, namely, an American desert, 1957.

You have to wonder whether the scientist in Dr. Jones would have noticed a subtle change on the American symbolic landscape in the early 1950's: namely the appearance of the Babalon Star.

Throughout the early 50's, the police installations in major American desert areas adopted the use of a seven pointed star for its shield. You will find these appearing at this time in California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah and Texas. Now, as all tin hats know, there were two distinguished happenings in these desert areas at this time: the testing of nuclear weapons and the alleged discovery of alien wreckage. Please note that around this time Americans and indeed people of the world were being conditioned to the alien presence in such classic films as The Day The Earth Stood Still which came out, coincidentally, in 1951.

Putting first glances and obvious arguments aside, a deeper look into the coinciding happenings of the outer-worldly appearances and the changing of the police shield from 5 or 6 points to the never before used 7 pointed star reveals all. Perhaps more than you want to know.

The key number is 51. Alien buffs and U.F.O.-headz do not need further schooling. Would you be shocked to know that the number of degrees separating the points of a 7 pointed circle is 51 degrees? OK. Keeners will note this is not an exact figure. The exact figure is 51.42857.

Late May 13th, Catholic periodical The Roman Observer reported that Pope Benedict and the Church at large accept the possibility of intelligent life off-earth. This report went worldwide May 14, 2008. Please note that May 14, 2008 fits our key figure to the third decimal. 5-14-2xx8. This leaves us with the 57, the remaining digits, which brings us back to Dr. Jones.

'57 is not only the year of Indy's close encounter of the third kind, it is also the exact number of years since 1951. 1951 plus 57 years is 2008. The auspicious year of the papal announcement that aliens are ok, and just one week before Indy's return to the big screen. Icing on the cake: later this year the release of the remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still.

Sweeter still, consider that the digits 1, 9, 5 and 7 total 22. 22 is an occult number of supreme significance. Do your own research but we give you this tidbit: 22 over 7, which is the integral fraction used to denote Pi, produces the same repeating decimal strand as in 51.42857: namely, 3.142857. The number 142857 has magickal properties to delight the mind. It is a cyclical number which is especially significant in the light of the Alpha and the Omega sequence that promises resurrection. The theme of resurrection is critical to the theme of Indy's adventure.

The word "Return" is the pivot to Indiana's resurrection. Not only is it a strongly repeated word through out the entire film, it even merits a title selection on the soundtrack. Indy's "return" is represented three times within the film's first thirty minutes. First, by the appearance of the film itself. It's been 20 damn years after all, since the so-called 'Last Crusade'. Second, we are introduced to the older and wiser Indy as his disheveled corpus is pulled from the trunk of an army Studebaker. And finally, he will emerge from a lead-lined refrigerator would-be coffin that saves him from the certain death of Oppenheimer's Doom-Town countdown.

But the "return" is not exclusive to Indy, as he himself points out in the film. The task to return the Crystal Skull to its rightful place leads Indy and his audience into the revelation of the Last Supper and resurrection, encoded as 13 aliens at rest becoming One Living Alien who ascends to the heavens at the film's climax.

The revelation of which we speak is by no means just any revelation, but the revelation. This is supported by some good old fashioned synchro-mystic resonating. We accept that Aragorn, the King who Returns, is a simulacrum of King Arthur, the once and future King. Please consider the following with appropriate amazement: actor John Hurt was the voice of Aragorn in Ralph Bakshi's animated The Lord of the Rings. Hurt further resonates King Arthur as Harold Oxley in Indy IV. It is in his role as Magnanimous Cuckold that this connection is proven. For just as King Arthur was cuckolded by his adventurous friend Lancelot, so will Oxley be cuckolded when Indy marries Oxley's stand-in wife Marion Ravenwood.

The resolution of our resonation resounds as John Hurt's Professor Broom from Hellboy. We remind that the climax of Hellboy is concerned with Biblical Revelation and the memory of Professor Broom hangs heavy over the scene. Should we be at all surprised to find Hurt/Broom/Oxley embroiled with pesky Russians as he was in Hellboy at the end of Crystal Skull? For as the aliens escape the surly bonds of Earth, leaving no trace of their passing, Professor Oxley quips, "Like a broom to their footprints".

Upon his discovery of Akator, the place in which he is instructed to return the Crystal Skull, Indiana Jones finds himself in a room filled to the brim of its fedora with artifacts of every religion and culture. Indy jumps to an immediate conclusion, "They're archaeologists" and he is mistaken. It is not that the aliens have come to Earth to collect knowledge from us or learn our different teachings, it is that they have bestowed all of them upon us. They are the ones who have the knowledge to which we all aspire. That is why in all of his adventures, the powers of each artifact Indy seeks is real.

The movie seems to say that to gain the knowledge of these aliens that we too could ascend to higher knowledge or another dimension or who-knows-what?. However, because it is Professor Oxley's and Professor Jones' return of a missing piece to its whole that the story of Crystal Skull proves a ripple of the myth of Osiris, who was also troubled by a certain missing piece. Images of Osiris show a remarkable resemblance to the Crystal Skull we examine.

All of this in a single bite ought to prove, as it does to the authors of this piece, that Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is a nigh on to blatant initiation into the ancient mysteries of Babalon.

And the candle on our cake... Aleister Crowley. Crowley of course designed the 7 pointed Babalon Star seen here.

Take a look at Crowley's good buddy LAM, seen below, with whom Crowley claimed to communicate. Get it through your SKULL! We're not talking about fiction here.

Written by The Sister's Son and The Wrong Way Wizard

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Michael said...

That's amazingly good syncage. Not that we don't all already know it's the end, and I think the beginning was obvious from a long way off from now, but OK, the beginning of the end. Gas just went to $4.00.

Broom syncs abound. In 'The City on the Edge of Forever' (Star Trek) Kirk and Spock are forever sweeping, sweeping.... are they looking for something hidden, or are they trying to sweep something away, maybe under the carpet, or maybe out into plain sight. Both work.

Great post.

JB said...

Jolly good read, gentlemen. But you forgot about the passing of the torch from Indy to Indy Jr, Shia TheBull, Horus holding the ever-transforming Cosmic Cube.

mark leclair said...

Hi, Mike

There is an episode of 'Futurama' that deals with time travel.

The gang goes back in time to Nevada during the Atomic Age. Bender is decapitated and his body replaced by a tiny flying saucer!

I need to see 'City on the Edge Again'! For now I'll re-read 'Edith Keeler must die'.


Good call about the Lebouef sync. I'm glad to see that your unrequited love for a certain Mr 'C' hasn't dulled your wit.

Thanks for stopping in guys.

Da WWWiz

Santiago said...

Indy was also released on May 22nd, another repeat of the occult number..

aferrismoon said...

Hiram LeBoeuf?

wise woman said...

Went to see this last night so still fresh in my mind - really thought provoking points - the image of osiris speaks a thousand words.

Cil said...

Awesome review.

Heard of Mitchell Hedges "Crystal Skull"?Origin Belize,Lubaantun. Mayan,refers to it as Suki-tuk for crystal.
There are 8 found so far,5 are missing still. Return is the word.

You rock!

indras net said...

great article man i cant wait to see this one!

The Sister's Son said...

It's interesting too that the passing of the torch happens to LaBeouf in both of his latest summer block busters and that they've both dealt with aliens in therir own way. Let's not forget that image of Shia in Transformers at the top of the building with a lit flare over his head and the Cosmic Cube at his side.

"You can do this, you're a soldier now."

mark leclair said...

Hey Jonah,

As you and other readers probably know, the secret code name MANHATTAN was used for the project to develop the A Bomb.

Remeber the image of Indy from 'Crystal Skull' as he stands watching the mushroom cloud.

The key components are

a) A MAN
b) A HAT
c) A TAN (the blast of heat)



Later Duder...

Da WWWiz

aferrismoon said...

The Manhatten Project + the Trinity Site, The Trinity can do duty for the 3 buildings flung to the ground in a fit of illuminist pique.
Apparently the first Bomb stayed in a town called POPE before its move to Trinity. And the Pope visited the 9/11 site lately
Indy's hat = a symbol of his manhood, thus he also has his Man-Hat on

The Sister's Son said...

In accordance with Indy's synching with Crowley, check out this article to find out the name of Ford's next flick!